Dedicated to Julie

2 Jan
This post is dedicated to my friend Julie who loves Churros and once thought (as most of us did) that they were from Mexico. The problem was, that when the poor girl actually went to Mexico and tried to find them, people thought she was using a code for some type of illegal substance…

Spanish people love this story about Julie, as I tell it often, and they are always very proud that churros are, in fact, theirs.

It is true that here in Spain you will find real churros. Served hot– plain, with sugar, or with chocolate. You can eat them for breakfast or as a snack. They are delicious. They are a wonderful reason to come to Spain. In fact, during the month of June they are especially good. (Hint Hint!)

Did I mention that at my Spanish wedding we are considering hiring a Churros stand for breakfast (that’s right, breakfast) as we will probably be there until 6:00 am dancing! Of course we would definitely have one if a lot of Americans come to the wedding…

Anyway, Julie, this morning I thought about you while eating breakfast. Miss you and all my friends out there… Maybe I’ll see you June 3rd and we’ll have churros together!


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