My Boyfriend is on TV!

27 Jan

So I probably should have written this post a few months ago, but we all know that I can be quite lazy when it comes to blogging (no excuse)! I’d like to tell the people of the world about my boyfriend Alejandro’s company, “De Tapas Por Sevilla“.

The idea actually started while we were visiting the small village of Arcos de la Frontera last year. The village has a month long “Ruta de las Tapas” where the people can get a passport from the town hall and then go to the participating bars and restaurants to try a special tapa and glass of wine for a discounted price. It was really cool and that’s when Ale had his idea.

He and his friend decided to create similar passports, and with the collaboration of 13 bars to start they founded their company. The idea is great because it is accessible to tourists, residents, students… everyone! The passport only costs 2.30€ (I thought he should make it 2.50€ to make it easier to pay… 🙂 and with it you can go to up to 8 different bars (it has 8 places to get stamped). In each bar, you can order a tapa (in some bars they offer only one choice and in others various) and a beverage (wine, beer, soda, etc.) for the small price of 2.30€ that you pay in the bar.

Overall, the passport saves you up to 20€! It’s also fun because the bars are all located in the center, and it’s easy to do the route with your friends. I’ve done it a few times and everything has been really good. I’ll put up pictures the next time I go! You can buy the passport at many different kiosks and hostels around the city (see the webpage for more information).

Being that the only other options for tapas tours in Seville are usually guided tours, costing between 50€ and 75€, I think this is a great initiative. I hope to see more bars added and more people enjoying the route. Today Ale was actually interviewed for the Seville TV station, Giralda TV, on the program “Sevilla Directo”. Hopefully after it airs tomorrow (between 5:00 and 8:00) more people will discover the company.

In the meantime I have to deal with Ale’s ever growing ego… just kidding! Hope you all try the route!

Click to see Ale!

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