Snowed In!? Not Really, But Eating That Way!

15 Feb

Today was my last day of French class and I have to say that although it was a bit sad and I would like to continue, it’s also a huge relief to now have 2 free evenings per week! For the last year and a half I’ve been giving private classes at night (well, only during the school year) and I hardly ever have time during the week to do something for myself. I’m excited to start working out more, focusing more on the weddings, and to spend some time with my girlfriends!

On this positive note, I came up with a fun goal for Alejandro and I to try following for the rest of February. In the spirit of saving money, thinking more about what and how much we’re eating, and also avoiding food waste, I’ve decided to take stock of EVERYTHING I have in my kitchen as of tonight (food, that is) and we are going to try to live the next 2 weeks on this alone. It’s like we’re snowed in or something, although in Andalusia you’re more likely to be trapped inside due to the heat!

Our rules are: no eating out (although drinking out is okay), no buying anything from the supermarket (which we may have to bend if we get too low on protein), and trying in general to eat a bit less (we wanna look good for the wedding!)

Here is EVERYTHING I currently have in my kitchen:


A wide variety of spices

Many sauces (ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, mayonnaise etc.)


1 bottle of olive oil

1 bottle of vegetable oil

Vinegars (Balsamic, Jerez)

1 jar of Salsa


A few heads of garlic

3 Large tomatoes

2 large onions

A bag of potatoes

3 zucchini


3 oranges

2 apples

5 bananas

1 pear

2 kiwis

4 peaches

1 lime

A box of strawberries


Flour, sugar, salt, honey, coffee, tea


½ loaf of a rustic baguette

½ loaf of a whole grain baguette


A bag of quinoa

2 bags of basmati rice

6 bags of various pastas

2 Servings of instant brown rice

A bag of rice noodles


Various salted nuts (almonds, corn nuts, a mixed bag)

1 bag of popcorn


½ bag of chocolate granola

½ a bag of granola with dried fruit


A container of peanut butter

Hot chocolate mix

Various curry sauces

1 can of coconut milk

A can of artichokes

2 cartons of tomato paste

1 can of crushed tomatoes

1 can of garbanzo beans

1 can of red pesto sauce

6 chicken bullion cubes

A can of tuna

3 cans of anchovies

1 can of mussels

1 can of unidentifiable fish (melva in Spanish)


4 servings of a chocolate croissant-like pastry


10 eggs

2 sticks of butter

Apricot jam

Maple syrup

4 mini yogurts

4 jellos

1 individual rice pudding

A large wedge of cured cheese

½ bag of shredded mozzarella

A package of sliced cheese

A large can of condensed milk

3 cartons of milk

6 mini meatballs


Frozen pasta cream sauce

Frozen cream of vegetable soup

Frozen peas

Frozen green beans

Frozen lemongrass

Frozen spearmint

Frozen kafir lime leaves

Frozen stuffed calamari (been there for more then 1 year… probably won’t try them!)

½ frozen vegetable pizza

Frozen pork and bean stew

Frozen pack of chicken breast (3-4 large ones)

Frozen pack of chicken drumsticks

Frozen rice and Asian vegetables (quite frostbitten and probably not edible)

So, what do you think? Has anyone done this? Can it be done? Any recipe ideas? Well, for now I’m off to prepare a small dinner!

*** 30 minutes later***

We just ate our first meal from our reserves… open-faced meatball sandwiches! A slice of the baguette, a slice of cheese, and each of us had 3 meatballs. We had a pickle on the side (what can I say, I had a craving after seeing the jar that’s been there unopened for 6 months). I also had some strawberries for dessert with a spoonful of condensed milk. It’s funny that I’m already thinking more about portion control, waste, and eating less because, well, we have less!

The biggest problem is going to be breakfast. I’m used to eating at work and I’m going to miss my nourishing tostada with ham and tomato. If it affects me too much I might have to cheat for breakfast! Ale doesn’t have many options either…only the little cereal that we have in the house. Well, we’re gonna try it at least… we’ll see what happens!


What do you think?

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