Day 1 of the Challenge!

16 Feb

It’s only the first day of our “challenge” but I’ve already cheated! This morning, I woke up with enough time to pack my “breakfast” of a peach, mini yogurt, and some granola. And then I proceeded to run out the door without it! So I had to get breakfast out, or I would never have had enough energy to teach small Spaniards!

Lunch and dinner, however, were a success. For lunch I made a delicious tuna salad with sliced almonds, apple, onion, and cumin, which I served on some toasted whole grain bread. Then, since the pears I had were about to go bad, I made roasted pears with cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and honey. They were delicious! For dinner we had a “Spanish Omelet” (eggs, onion, potatoes) and a cold white rice salad with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. Then I had strawberries again for dessert (so that they didn’t go bad!)

So far it hasn’t been difficult, although I’m not sure about the next few days and especially the weekend. We both agree that we are snacking less knowing that we have to make what we have last longer, and we are definitely wasting less too. Realistically, I would have never used the pears, for example, which would have been a shame!

Let’s see what creative dishes we make tomorrow… Good night!


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