Cheating and Eating!

19 Feb

So for a quick update on my “pantry challenge”, the past few days have been a mix of being really good and cheating! For example, Ale had to meet a friend for work one morning and they had breakfast out, I arrived at my job an hour and a half EARLY (forgetting I didn’t have my first class) and just needed to have churros with chocolate because it was really cold out and I had so much time to kill, and last night I had a tapa out with two of my girlfriends since I hardly ever go out with friends lately and couldn’t skip dinner! But aside from those small incidents we’ve been eating fairly well here at home, definitely surviving so far! We’ve had things like fettuccini and cream sauce, Malaysian coconut curry with chicken and basmati rice, delicious French toast with maple syrup, and some more salads with tomato and rice. The French toast was made with the remainder of a loaf of bread that was already a bit stale, and therefore it turned out even better! It’s another example of something that we would have otherwise thrown away. Today it’s been difficult to follow this challenge, because it’s a gloomy day and a good way to get out of the house is to go out to eat! But we’ve been good and are about to make dinner: fried chicken fingers and French fries (and I wonder why I don’t lose weight…) Oh well!

In other news I’ve been making some awesome photo books, which are free from This site lets you make a simple book and then you just pay the shipping ($3.00) and it’s delivered to your house! I made my first one a few weeks ago and it came quickly. They’re not amazing quality, but they’re fun and really cheap!

I also learned how to make a short video on imovie, the movie making software on my Mac. I figured that it was time I learned how to use some of the programs on my computer, and maybe I will start including some short videos on my blogs! It wasn’t too difficult and it’s actually really cool. I’ve uploaded it to youtube where friends and family can take a look. In the future I’d like to make some public ones about Spain… stay tuned!

Well, tonight is a lazy night. Some fried food, sauvignon blanc that I amazingly found at LIDL, and a movie. Hopefully it’s a nicer day tomorrow (although I shouldn’t complain about my 55 degree rainy days when there are still snow storms expected in MA). Buenas noches a todos!


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