The Perfect Sunday in Seville

21 Feb
After yesterday’s gloomy weather I was thrilled to wake up this morning to sunny Andalusian perfection. And we made the most of it. Throwing our challenge out the window (only for today) we started out with breakfast at our favorite typical Spanish bar, Hermanos Gomez. This small chain of family owned bars is probably the most typical you can get here in Seville. In the entire restaurant there are only two people working, so it’s obviously self-service. First, you should go to the “tostada man” and tell him what you want on your toast. Then, while he makes it, you have to go to the barman and order what you want to drink. When your drinks come up you should claim a table with them if still waiting for your tostada. Then, enjoy your breakfast and don’t forget to pay before leaving! The tostada de la casa has Jamón Serrano, olive oil, and tomato. If you order it with a coffee it only costs 2€, so it’s also a great deal!

After breakfast we hopped on the public bikes (read my post about them here) and made our way to the center of the city. We wanted to spend some time in the Alcazar, an old Moorish fortress and later turned Christian palace. The Alcazar is one of the prettiest places in Seville. It has gorgeous gardens and small patios with fountains and orange trees. Words don’t do it justice, so here are the best pictures we took today:

After walking around for about an hour we decided to have lunch at one of the restaurants on Ale’s Tapas Route called El Pulpo. The owner is from Galicia in Northern Spain, so the menu is largely influenced by his experience with seafood. We wanted to try it to see if it would be a good fit for when my family comes to Seville in June, but in the end there wasn’t enough variety on the menu for such a large group of possibly picky Americans! I, however, loved what we had but unfortunately couldn’t take pictures since our camera had died! We tried the fried shrimp cakes, hake (a white fish) stuffed with Iberian ham and covered in a white wine cream sauce, and carrillada (pork cheek) that was stewed with vegetables and served with a port wine reduction. I also had a great white wine from Alicante. I’d definitely recommend El Pulpo to anyone who likes seafood and wants to try a bit of Galicia in Seville!

Feeling full, we walked a bit more around the center before heading to a bakery for a coffee and piece of cake. Since we were going all out, we decided to go to the famous bakery in La Campana, one of the most renowned in Seville. I ordered a piece of coconut cake and Ale tried the black forest. Both were great at usual, but expensive for Seville (7€ for 2 coffees and the pastries).

Now absolutely stuffed, I convinced Ale to grab a bike again and go home the long way, riding along the river. It was such a gorgeous day, almost 70 degrees, and I would have ridden my bike for hours if Ale had shared my enthusiasm!

We got home and were planning to go running in the park, but enough was enough and we rented a movie instead. Tomorrow I’m thinking of trying on some wedding dresses… which has become my biggest wedding problem so far! I’ll definitely update the wedding blog tomorrow, possibly in tears, depending on my experience!


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