Notes on My Spanish Wedding

25 Jul
There’s no excuse for not having written in this blog for so long. I mean, I love writing, I love taking pictures, and I love posting about food and travel.  I spend time almost everyday reading other people’s blogs and thinking about how nice and interesting they are… but I just couldn’t update my own! Too many things happening, too quickly, no time to write/think/breathe… Don’t forget that I’ve been planning two weddings!

Yes. Two weddings. One in Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain and one in Sutton, Massachusetts. One down and one to go. First one = Success (with some minor now funny bumps in the road). Here I’ll skip some of the boring stuff and tell you about those unforgettable “bumps” that we’ll reminisce upon for years to come…

1. Hair Scare: With no car and the wedding taking place an hour and a half from Seville it was really hard to find and compare hairdressers. So when I found someone online that would even go to the hotel and do my hair I made an appointment for a trial run. I arrived to her house/garage salon and probably should’ve run away to start with. The extremely SHY hairdresser barely looked at the picture I showed her and proceeded to weave my hair into some side ponytail style. Stressed that I didn’t have time to find another person I said we’d just figure things out the day of the event, although this bad decision caused me two weeks of more stress. Finally, sensing my fear, my mother-in-law who used to be a hairdresser played around with my hair and managed to do something I liked more that the side pony (this was not difficult). So, I decided to shift my fears from the only shy hairdresser in the world to my future mother-in-law who I hoped would not pull my hair too hard while fixing it (she did). Finally, it all turned out fine and my MIL did a nice job with my hair; I was happy.

The Convoluted Side Pony
My MIL Saves the Day
2. The Parking Lot Wedding: So the morning of the wedding the planner calls to tell me that they have to change the location of the dinner and dancing due to the high winds. I say okay, I understand, I trust them. She told me not to worry, she’d find the best place possible for the ceremony. I never expected this to be the front parking lot. Imagine my surprise arriving to the golf club expecting to get out of the car and reapply some lip-gloss before making my way to the back gardens… and instead I see all of my guests in front of me, in the parking lot!!! The location didn’t phase me so much at the time; I was just worried about getting out and looking okay. Overall it was still a beautiful ceremony and goes to show that the people and the emotion really make the event special.

3. Flower Girl Down: I kind of expected my two-year-old niece to crash the wedding and she didn’t disappoint. While my sister led her down the aisle showing her how to throw the flowers she threw a fit upon seeing that the petals were left on the ground—she wanted to pick them back up. Her screams throughout the ceremony were a nice touch!

While Getting Ready She Was Cute…

4. Chocolate Brownie… Nope, Tuna! While our tapas style buffet worked really well overall, there was one tapa that no one really understood. It looked like a      delicious chocolate brownie, but tasted quite different. A small piece of tuna covered in chocolate power was a strange surprise for the taste buds of many.

Cat With the Tuna-Brownie
5. So Spanish… One of my favorite parts was when Ale’s friends started playing      the guitar, singing, and dancing flamenco style music. They were so funny and I really thought at that moment… I just got married in Spain!

6. My Parents Were Champions: The majority of older adults had left the wedding by 3:00 am but my parents were determined to see it out. They left shortly before the younger crowd around 5:30 am. For some parents this would be no big deal… but I’m almost positive they had never stayed up so late in their lives! Guess they had fun!

Partying Until the End!
7. Too Much Fun! I ended the night in a bush. I don’t remember drinking much and I never even went up to the bar, but around 5:00 am I wasn’t feeling so well… Despite being semi-mortifying I’m not really embarrassed. I had SO MUCH FUN. Too much fun! I’d do it again… plus the bush picture is really funny!

8. Is That a… Sheep?! Shortly after arriving back to our hotel there was a strange noise. In my state I didn’t pay it much attention, but Ale bolted up scared by the sound of a sheep in our hotel room. A live sheep it was not, but a recording of a sheep was discovered. Ale’s friends had followed the tradition of playing pranks on the lucky couple the night of the wedding and put a four hour recording of a sheep hidden in the corner of the room. Luckily they’d been accompanied by hotel staff and hadn’t had the opportunity to, say, move our bed onto the balcony! So the sheep was pretty funny…

These are just bits and pieces of what was overall a great night. Everyone talked to everyone, despite their native language. People had fun. Things were NOT perfect… that was okay! I ended the night in a bush and my dress was BLACK but that was okay too. I feel so lucky that I got to celebrate this day with my family and Ale’s and the memories I have will last me a lifetime.

This weekend I have round two: US Wedding. It’ll be different, but hopefully just as special. I’ll let you know.

6 Responses to “Notes on My Spanish Wedding”

  1. Cat July 25, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    L, I had so, so, so much fun at your Spanish boda and wish I could make it to the one stateside! If you're updating this week, you must be calm! Give all of our group a big hug for me, and enjoy it the second time around!! And thanks for the confusing brownie knowing I hate tuna!! Love you tons.

  2. Briana July 26, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    so sad i missed round one, but i'm so pumped to be a part of boda 2!! see you in a few days!

  3. Charu Suri August 15, 2011 at 12:42 am #

    I’ve never been to Spain and now you’ve made me visit all the more. You make an absolutely gorgeous bride!


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