Practice Makes Perfect

13 Aug

A few months ago I excitedly purchased my first DSLR and have been trying to figure it out ever since! It’s a Canon EOS Rebel XS that I decided on after reading many reviews and figuring that purchasing the older model would allow me to buy another lens. So, months later I’ve managed to get some great shots just using the automatic features… but I want to know more! I’ve spent the afternoon with the manual as well as reading a great tutorial here. Taking pictures of food isn’t easy. Most importantly you need a natural light source… but too much can be too harsh for the photo. The camera needs to be steady and at a good angle and the food and background also has to be somewhat attractive…

Here are some of my practice shots:

Garden Tomatoes With Stemmed Artichokes

A Different View (With Less Light)

I don’t think they’re great, but not too bad either. If anyone reading this knows about food photography any input would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s another picture I took while practicing with aperture size… isn’t my niece a cutie?!

A Rare Smile at the Camera

Hopefully I’ll improve some more after my photography field trip that I have next Saturday!


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