How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

2 Sep

Whether you are a veteran traveler or have never had a stamp in your passport your honeymoon is something special. For me it was a relaxing reward after planning two weddings (which despite what people say is not a “lovely” experience!) For others it is the first of many adventures as a couple. Despite your intentions, the following advice is useful for everyone and will hopefully result in the perfect honeymoon!

1. Plan Early: Most likely you will be planning your honeymoon while also planning your wedding. This is an excellent reason to plan early, therefore alleviating any extra stress as the big day draws near. Planning early can also get you some great deals on hotels and airfare, and it gives you plenty of time to research your destination.

Planning Early Makes It Easy!

2. Know Your Budget: Just because it’s your honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to go all out. Talk to your partner about a realistic budget that will allow you a special trip but won’t break the bank. Prioritize where you want to spend your money. Excursions? Shopping? Nightlife? Transportation? Hotel? Food? Our priorities were hotel and excursions and we saved money on transportation (no private airport limos for us), food (we loved eating authentic Mexican food the majority of the days and our wallet loved it too), and shopping (it helped not having much room for souvenirs in our suitcase!)

3. Do Your Research: I spent time looking into everything– destination, airfare, airport transport, restaurants, excursions, exchange rates… and it paid off. We saved money, ate wonderfully, didn’t ever get scammed (although they tried!), and had an overall amazing time. Perfect experiences don’t usually happen naturally; do your homework!

4. Don’t Leave The Day After Your Wedding: Ok, I understand that for some people the most convenient thing for work etc. is to leave the day after getting married. Others probably want to escape while still in that dreamy, romantic state in which getting married will leave you. I don’t advise it! After a wedding you are exhausted. Planning is a lot of work, entertaining and being with your family (and your partner’s family) is even more work! Take at least a few days to recover from the stress, the family, and, possibly, the hangover!

Why go away like this?

5. Relax: It sounds obvious but just because you are on your honeymoon doesn’t mean that people will stop trying to call you, e-mail you, or otherwise bother you. It also won’t turn a highly-strung person (like myself) into a relaxed beach bum overnight. So, remember to relax; don’t plan too much, and don’t plan everything in advance. Don’t answer your phone or e-mails if you don’t want to and don’t worry about silly things like how many calories are in your breakfast burrito!

My husband is Spanish so he knows how to relax!

Well, that’s my advice and I can promise you that I had a perfect honeymoon! Of course the perfect husband helps too… 🙂


3 Responses to “How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon”

  1. russiangirlinthisworld September 2, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    Great story! My suggestion about the perfect honeymoon is Guana in British Virgin Islands, I came back from there recently and its so beautiful and also peaceful and quite (not many tourists at all), however probably if you go with your loved one the location doesn’t matter, as long as you are together 🙂 even Siberia can work! (I am a native Siberian).
    And if you want to know more about Guana I’ve posted a short story about it:

    • Lauren September 2, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

      Thanks! Guana sounds amazing!!! Maybe next time…

  2. Sunshine and Siestas September 2, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    I just kinda adore you two! Too bad you’re not in Sevilla, my school was hiring for third grade!

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